Stop the Barro Blanco Dam From Flooding the Ngabe’s Homes








The indigenous Ngabe people of Panama have been gradually pushed off their land until there is nowhere left for them to go. They have been on this land for centuries. Already the Panamanian government dammed up the Changuinola River leading to the complete flooding of a Ngabe community. None of the community was compensated for the loss of their homes, land or crops. The people have protested and some were arrested and attacked by police. Two died and many were injured.

Now another village, Kia, is at risk of being destroyed. A hydroelectric project called Barro Blanco is underway which will dam up the Tabasara River and put the village of Kia underwater.

You can read more about their plight here:

The Ngabe are trying to negotiate with the Panamanian government but the Minister of Government, Jorge Ricardo Fabrega, has already indicated that „nothing” will stop Barro Blanca.

The Ngabe, Panama’s largest indigenous group have been forced off their lands since the time of the conquistadors. Now, 20 years after the government had ceded land to them, it wants it back to build a massive hydroelectric dam and extract rich minerals.

For Care2 activist Cathy White, this injustice was just too much.

So she started this petition to enlist people to help the Ngabe keep their home.

Panama is one of the most ecologically diverse countries on earth. Species are found on Ngabe land that don’t exist anywhere else. If the Barro Blanco dam and mining projects go forward, they’ll all be lost.

One Ngabe village was already destroyed last year when the Changuinola River was dammed. Now, they’re fighting back. This year Ngabe activists closed the Pan-American highway in protest demanding an audience with Panama’s president. But to save their land and all the natural treasures it supports, they’ll need the help of the international community.

Tell Panama’s government to pack off the Barro Blanco dam plan and save the Ngabe’s homeland.


Thank you for taking action,

 Emily V.

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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