Cameroon: Act Now to Save Cross River Gorillas









A cross river gorilla was brutally killed just outside a proposed wildlife sanctuary. Cameroon needs to act now to prevent another tragedy.

Protect Cross River Gorillas.

A cross river gorilla – one of the most endangered subspecies on earth – was found dead just outside the border of a proposed wildlife sanctuary in Cameroon. According to reports, the poor animal was beaten with stones and clubbed before he was shot 45 times.

Demand Cameroon speed up designating the wildlife sanctuary to prevent another tragedy!

The killing of this gorilla isn’t a random act. It was sanctioned by the Chief of the Gendarmerie Brigade, ostensibly in the name of „self-defense”. But that raises the question: how much danger were people in if they could torture the animal before it died? It’s time for the government to act.

Tell Cameroon to designate safe areas now and work with conservation groups on sensitization with nearby communities.


           Thank you for taking action,

 Emily V.

 Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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