Close Deadly Steelworks in Italy









Taranto in Italy has one main source of employment, Europe’s largest steelworks. The Ilva steelworks have contaminated the area so much that livestock farming is impossible – meat is too poisoned to sell. Mussel farmers have gone out of business for the same reason. 

We must stop the contamination before the town suffers further.

The steelworks have poisoned the soil and the air, and the people are suffering.  Lung cancer is 30% above the national average and it is claimed that at least 400 locals have died prematurely in the last 13 years as a direct result of pollution. 

The Italian government closed the steelworks but has reopened it following protests. This is a short-sighted solution. More people are likely to get sick and the area will remain impossible to farm until the Ilva steelworks are cleaned up.

There must be a way to ensure that the people of Taranto can remain employed and healthy.

Ask the Italian government to reclose the steelworks immediately and take action to support the people of Taranto until their land is clean.


Thank you for taking action,

Kathleen J.

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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