Protect The Endangered Monk Seal!









Endangered monk seals have only just started to recover from near extinction, but they’re still in danger. They continue to be killed by the most dangerous species on earth: humans.

Northern Hawaii’s monk seal received its name from a solitary and often nomadic lifestyle. These gentle creatures bordered on extinction only a decade ago. Their population has started to recover, but they still number only about two hundred.Despite their precarious status, these seals have no endangered species protection. Without legal protection, the monk seal has begun to die off again at an alarming rate.

Tell the Hawaii state legislature to give these seals the legal protection they need to be saved from extinction!

Hawaiian authorities are currently trying to stop the seal slaughter after it occurs by imposing hefty fines that do nothing to help the seals that have already suffered. 

Write to the Hawaii state legislature and get these seals the legal protection they deserve!


Thank you for taking action,

Dylan B.
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