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Not only is Google reading every word of every Gmail message, but now they are sending spam ads that look like personal emails to your inbox. Google should respect our privacy and protect us from spam, rather than send us Gspam ads. This is a huge breach of trust.

If you have a Gmail account, not only is Google reading every email you send and receive, but you might soon see spam ads from Google in your inbox. Google is now deliberately spamming inboxes with ads that look like real emails. Gmail treats these ads like regular email, but you aren’t allowed to mark them as spam and Google makes money every time you open these spam ads.This is a huge violation of privacy and trust. Tell Google to put a stop to these practices.

Google reads your personal Gmail messages to target you with these ads. Your email provider should protect you from spam, but Google is doing just the opposite. And even if you don’t use Gmail, Google can still read email messages you send to people who do use it and use that information to generate ad revenue.  Help put a stop to this invasion of privacy.

We expect our email provider to protect us from spam, not send us spam. Tell Google to stop reading our personal messages and sending us spam ads directly to our Gmail inboxes.


      Thank you for taking action,

 Eric A.

 Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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