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Flames, as far as the eye can see. During the past week more than 100 fires blazed across Tripa. This forest, which is one of the last refuges for the endangered Sumatra orangutans, is at great risk. If the accountable oil palm corporation is not stopped, these great apes could disappear completely by the end of 2012. They need our help urgently. 

The Tripa forest is home to many rare species, including the densest population of the last remaining 6,600 Sumatra orangutans that enjoy feeding on the lucious vegetation here. But Indonesia is about to sound the death knell for the Tripa forest.  

This court decision is literally about life and death.

Three quarters of this conservation area have already given way to oil palm plantations. And the destruction is moving along. One of the main actors is oil palm corporation PT Kallista Alam, who is cutting down and burning the precious forest as you read these lines. Kallista even received an official permission – despite a two year moratorium on forest clearance. 

Indonesia’s environmental NGO Walhi, along with local people, have filed a lawsuit against these cut-and-burn activities. The court hearing is currently taking place. 

This case could set a precedent. Reconfirmation of the oil palm corporation could resemble a death sentence for the remaining forest. 

More information: Carbon sink Tripa swamp 

Please help to save Tripa and the Sumatra orangutans. Start of campaign: Mar 30, 2012.







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