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In Brazil, protests against a bus fare increase have blossomed into a full-scale citizen movement – but police violence has intensified as supporter numbers have increased.

Pepper spray. Rubber bullets. Tear gas. In Brazil, that’s what citizens are facing when they ask for quality transit, health care, and housing.Vast demonstrations, in some cases of more than a 100,000 people, have swept through Brazil in at least a dozen major cities, with protesters calling for better public services and an end to corruption.

In general, the protesters have been portrayed as “troublemakers” and “vandals” by mainstream media, but this has been refuted by the testimonies of the citizen journalists who have taken the Internet by storm. These journalists also report violent aggression from police.

Hundreds of people were arrested during a protest last week in São Paulo, and many have been injured by the police force’s brutal crowd-control tactics.

Citizens should have the right to stand up to their government without fear of violence from the very people who should be protecting them. Stand against police violence against protesters in Brazil.

Sign this petition to show you stand in solidarity with protestors in Brazil, and their right to demand affordable services like transport, housing, education, and healthcare, without being met with violence.



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