Stop Dangerous Deep Sea Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea








When it comes to making money, many companies have no scruples about exploiting whatever gets in their way – workers, communities, the environment and even whole countries. Papua New Guinea can’t afford to regulate and monitor deep sea mining. A California-based mining company plans to take advantage of that for their own profit.

Stop dangerous deep sea gold mining experiment in Papua New Guinea »

Deep sea mining is dangerous. Period. We’ve seen what kind of disasters happen when things go wrong with deepwater oil drilling operations. But even day to day operations drastically alter and damage ecosystems in ways we don’t even understand.

We know that this proposed gold and copper mine a full mile below the ocean surface would destroy hydrothermal vents, but there are countless other environmental impacts we can’t even know yet – and likely won’t until it’s too late.

Mining companies may offer money, but the mess they leave behind is priceless. Urge the Papua New Guinean government to stand up to foreign interests and reject plans for a dangerous deep sea mine »

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Emily V.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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