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Thousands of Turkish citizens have been hurt and several killed in the last few days after brutal confrontations with government police. This has to end today! It began as a peaceful protest to stop one of Istanbul’s few green spaces from being turned into a shopping mall. A small group of people who wanted to save Gezi Park put up tents, read books, and played music to try to stop the beautiful scenery from being bulldozed. 

After three days, the Turkish police descended. They carried out a raid on the encampment, blasting the peaceful protesters with water cannons, tear gas, and pepper spray. More than 100 people were reportedly injured on the first night alone.

As the protests have gained more supporters, reports of police brutality have continued to surface. Riot police have been documented firing tear gas directly into the homes of civilians. Officers arrested more than 30 people for posting about the protests on social media networks. Dozens of pro-government attackers stamped on the body of a female student in Rize. At least two people have died, and thousands have been hurt. This bloody suppression of freedom has to end.

One Turkish Care2 member, Nesen K., started a petition demanding an end to this horrific violence. Will you join her in calling for peaceful democracy in Turkey?


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