Save the Krishna River from Big Oil







The Krishna River Basin, one of India’s most pristine and valuable water supplies, is under threat of oil contamination.

For more than ten years, the Indian government has known that natural gas lies beneath the Krishna River Basin. However, they have also avoided exploration in the region due to environmental concerns. Now, they appear to have caved to commercial interests and India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests has just given a “green signal” to Oil India Ltd for oil exploration in the Krishna Basin.This prospecting is both needless and dangerous. And the reality is that Oil India wouldn’t waste time and money prospecting if it didn’t plan to extract oil in the future.

Write to the Ministry of Environment and Forests to ensure that this project doesn’t go beyond exploration.

The basin has been left untouched purposefully, due to the poisonous impact that oil extraction would have on the forests, wildlife, farmers and local citizens.

Write to the Ministry and voice your opposition to the desecration of one of India’s most valuable river basins!


Thank you for taking action,

Dylan B.
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