Save Amazon Pink River Dolphins from Extinction





Brazil’s Amazon pink river dolphins are being hunted to extinction, even though laws on the books ban their killing. It’s time for the government to start enforcing these laws before it’s too late.

The pink river dolphins in the Amazon River are beautiful gentle creatures that draw tourists to the jungle every year to see and swim with them. Sadly, these poor creatures are being hunted to extinction, and Brazil’s government isn’t doing enough to save them.

Help Care2 activist Norah Andre get the government’s attention to start protecting pink dolphins before it’s too late.

Pink dolphins are a common bait for fisherman in the lucrative catfish trade and also believed by some to increase sexual virility if consumed. This demand leads to the killing of up to 1,500 dolphins each year, putting the survival of the species at risk.

Killing dolphins is already illegal in Brazil and carries an 18-month prison sentence, but authorities do little to actually enforce the law.

We can’t let the government’s negligence wipe pink river dolphins off the face of the earth. Demand Brazilian officials start enforcing laws that protect pink dolphins from extinction.

I intentionally used the word „extermination” instead of extinction. These gentle creatures are being killed and exported to other counties due to the complete lack of a serious ambiental policy in Brazil.

Besides being affected in their numbers due to extinction of forest areas and the illegal fishing of the species, Brazilian authorities simply do not ssem to care. Ignorance made it a belief that they have „magical powers”, and that eating their flesh leads to an increased sexual performance. This is one of the main reasons for their decreasing numbers in Amazon. They are hunted and killed to supply this stupid and equivocated market of ignorant consumers. With no real serious concern of the responsible legal agencies such as Ibama.

Another reason for their near extinction is that they are being used as baits for fishing. Hunters are being hired to kill them to that effect, so that their flesh is used in Colombia for the fishing of the „piracatinga”. Many foreign TVs have come to document this tragedy. Nevertheless, we Brazilians can’t see any real action being taken by local authorities to put an end on this massacre. Instead of allowing their reckless and barbaric killings, we wish the authorities to promote a campaign of preservation and local ecological tourism. Animal abusers must be put in jail.


 Thank you for taking action,

 Emily V.

 Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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