Investigate War Crimes Against Children in Mali












Using child soldiers is a war crime. So it’s time for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to step in to prosecute the use of children by Islamist armed groups in Mali.

Mali has been embroiled in conflict for nearly a year. Witnesses have said they’ve seen children as young as 11 fighting, working checkpoints, conducting foot patrols, standing guard with prisoners and more.

Putting kids at the front line exposes them to sights and experiences they are far too young to handle and – perhaps even worse – puts them in the line of fire from on-the-ground fighters and French aerial bombers.

The world can’t sit by while these children are forced to serve in militias and more of their friends and siblings are recruited into service. It’s time for the international community to step in.

The ICC exists to ensure that war crimes don’t’ go unpunished. Tell the Court to start investigating the use of child soldiers in Mali.



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Emily V.
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