Don’t Build a Factory Close to a Bird Sanctuary!








A polluting viscose staple fiber plant is slated to be built 1.5 kilometers, or slightly less than one mile, from the Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Mumbai’s Raigad district. The sanctuary is home to over 147 species of resident birds, plus 37 species of migratory and endangered birds. The factory’s expulsion of sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide would have devastating effects on the birds’ health as well as causing acid rain, which would harm the birds’ environment and food supply.

Environmental norms state that any plant or factory that would produce harmful gases and comes within a 10 km radius of a wildlife habitat requires specific permissions. The factory can be located elsewhere to minimize harm to wildlife. Please sign the petition to urge the Bombay National History Society and the Wildlife Board of India to support the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and stand against plans to build a polluting factory nearby!


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