Dam action alert: Please help the Ngobe protect their rainforest. The Tabasara Rain Frog









Dear friends of the rainforest,

the Ngobe Indian’s rainforest in Panama is a natural paradise for amphibians and reptiles. Now a part of it could be drowned in an artificial lake which is supposed to produce so-called clean energy, endangering the extremely rare Tabasara Rain Frog which is only found in the affected area. 

The Ngobe Indians are outraged by the plans for the Barro Blanco dam and are asking for help. The project is financed by three international development banks. 

Please ask the banks to stop their financial support for the dam and ensure the protection of the rainforest and the Tabasara Rain Frog (Craugastor tabasarae).


Many thanks and best regards,

Klaus Schenk

Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald e.V.)



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